WAIT 2019: Workshop on the Advances of Information Technology

Date of the conference: January 24 (Thursday), 2019
Venue of the conference: BME Building I, IB310 (tentative)
Full paper submission deadline: 21 December 2018 (waitconf@iit.bme.hu)

The Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology organizes an annual scientific conference in the broader field of Information Technology, including but not limited to Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Hardware Architectures, Robotics, Control Engineering, Medical Imaging, and Computer Vision to allow PhD students and researches to share their ideas and latest results. The conference language is English and Hungarian, that is, papers are expected in English, but presentations are in Hungarian.

The template suggested is available: template


Medical Imaging and simulation (chairman: László Szirmay-Kalos)

Ákos Szlávecz, Andrea Nagy, Katalin Kovács, and Balázs Benyó:

Models and methods of realistic kidney simulation used for MAG3 SPECT imaging


Dóra Varnyú, László Szirmay-Kalos, and Milán Magdics:

Motion Compensation on the GPU for Emission Tomography


Ágota Kacsó, Lóránt Seres, László Szécsi:

Finite Volume Flow Simulation in the Aortic Root


Yahia Anane, Balázs Benyó, Ákos Szlávecz, Béla Paláncz and J. Geoffrey Chase:

Potential Use of the Stochastic ICING Model in STAR Protocol


 Optimization, deep learning and AI (chairman: István Harmati)

László Szirmay-Kalos:

Model Fitting with Forced Convexification


Balázs Tóth, Milán Magdics, Márton Tóth, Ágota Kacsó, Gergely Rácz, and László Szirmay-Kalos: Regularization Parameter Setting with Regression for PET Reconstruction


János Szőts and István Harmati: 

Evader Strategy in a Pursuit-Evasion Game with One Inferior Pursuer


Gergely Ferenc Rácz, Ágota Kacsó, Márton Tóth, and Balázs Tóth:

Fast and accurate initial parameter fitting in Positron Emission Tomography using Neural Networks


Márton Szemenyei:

Efficient Object Detection in Robot Soccer Environments Using Deep Learning


 Computer graphics and geometry (chairman: Tamás Várady)

Péter Salvi:

On the CAD-compatible conversion of S-patches


Márton Vaitkus:

Notes On Curve Network Interpolation


Tamás Umenhoffer, Márton Tóth, and Ágota Kacsó

A visualization framework for vehicle intelligence simulations


 Autonomous vehicles and robotics (chairman: Bálint Kiss)

Zoltán Gyenes and Emese Gincsainé Szádeczky-Kardoss

Motion planning for mobile robots using Traffic Regulation


Salma Taik and Bálint Kiss:

Optimization of Consumer-Side Energy Consumption in a Smart Household with Electric Vehicle


Jian Guo and István Harmati:

Optimization of Traffic Signal Control Based on Game Theoretical Framework


György Pilászy, György Rácz, Tamás Horváth, Balázs Olosz:

High Accuracy Digitization of Load Cell Signal with Precision AD Converter


Eszter Virágh and Bálint Kiss

Motion planning for chemical reactions