WAIT 2024 (February 6)

Date of the conference: February 6 (Tuesday), 2024

Venue of the conference: BME Building Q, room BF08

Full paper submission deadline: January 14, 2024

The Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology organizes an annual scientific workshop in the broader field of Information Technology, including but not limited to Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Hardware Architecture, Robotics, Control Engineering, Medical Imaging, and Computer Vision to allow PhD students and young researches primarily to share their ideas and latest results. The conference language is English and Hungarian; that is, papers are expected in English, but presentations may be in Hungarian.

WAIT 2024 program (February 6, Tuesday, 2024)


Cloud computing (chairman: Balázs Goldschmidt)

Zoltán István Karsa  

VM placement load balancing between data centers


Imre Szeberényi and Tamás Máray

High Performance Computing past and present


Zoltán István Karsa  

Improve IO performance in cloud computing at KVM/QEMU hypervisor


Imre Szeberényi and Zoltán István Karsa

Usage of CIRCLE Cloud at BME VIK



Machine vision with deep learning (chairman: Balázs Csébfalvi)

Tamás Márk Fehér and Márton Szemenyei

Spatial Attacks in Monocular Depth Estimation


Blanka Bencsik and Márton Szemenyei

Multi-Domain Structural Pruning with Reinforcement Learning


Ádám Kürti and Márton Szemenyei

Spatially Adaptive License Plate Recognition and Monocular Speed Estimation for Vehicle Surveillance Systems


György Richárd Bogár and Márton Szemenyei

Pretraining Vision Encoders on Semantic Data


Erik Szász, Morui Zhu, Márton Vaitkus, and Mátyás Szántó

Enhancing Street-Level Environment Modelling Using 3D Gaussian Splatting



Computational physics and visualization (chairman: László Szécsi)

András Fridvalszky and László Szirmay-Kalos

Visualization of the Expanding Universe


Zoltán Simon

Time evolution simulation of the quantum mechanical wave function in 3D space


András Fridvalszky, László Szécsi, Dóra Varnyú, J.Imre Barabás, Áron Ghimessy, László Szilassy, and László Szirmay-Kalos

The GAMMA Surgical Guidance System


Dóra Varnyú and László Szirmay-Kalos

Automatic Tumor Contouring and Staging


Balázs Csébfalvi

An Analysis of Practical Interpolation Filters in terms of Curvature Reconstruction



Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering (chairman: István Harmati)

Balázs Goldschmidt, Balázs Simon and Zoltán István Karsa

The capabilities of ChatGPT 3.5 solving CS exam problems


Luu Tung Hai and Márton Szemenyei

Enhancing Model Performance through Real and Distilled Dataset Fusion


Osama A. Salman and Gábor Hosszú

Using distance-based methods to calculate optimal and suboptimal parsimony trees


Katalin Balla

TMMi Structure - to Change or not to Change


Balázs Simon, Balázs Goldschmidt and Zoltán István Karsa

MetaGenerator: a Template-Based Code Generator Language for .NET



Control engineering and autonomous driving (chairman: Emese Gincsainé Szádeczky-Kardoss)

Sára Szénási and István Harmati

On a Reach-Avoid Problem


Zoltán Téczely and Bálint Kiss

Fuzzy H∞ control of a Steer-by-Wire system subject to actuator saturation


Gábor Paczolay and István Harmati

Improving Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient Algorithms by Critic-based Action Certainty Estimation


Zoltán Gyenes, Barnabás Finta, Bálint Kiss and Emese Gincsainé Szádeczky-Kardoss

Safety Acceleration Velocity Obstacle method




Biomedical engineering (chairman: Bálint Kiss)

Ameer Alsultani, Omer S. Alkhafaf, J. Geoffrey Chase, and Balázs Benyó

Design a Stepped Impedance Resonator Microstrip Filter for Glucose Concentration Detection


Petra Pintér, Bálint Szabó, Ákos Szlávecz, J. Geoffrey Chase and Balázs Benyó

Insulin sensitivity prediction for the STAR protocol using quantile regression


Omer S. Alkhafaf, Ameer B. Alsultani, Ákos Szlávecz, Alaa N. Roel, Béla Paláncz, Bálint Szabó, Cong Zhou, J. Geoffrey Chase, and Balázs Benyó

Quantile Regression Based Prediction of Insulin Sensitivity Using Neural Network Model for Better Glycaemic Control in Intensive Care


Alaa N. Roel, Omer S. Alkhafaf, Ameer B. Alsultani, Ákos Szlávecz, Béla Paláncz, Bálint Szabó, Cong Zhou, J. Geoffrey Chase, and Balázs Benyó

Prediction of Insulin Sensitivity Using Neural Network Based Quantile Regression: In-Silico Validation



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