Cooperating and Collaborating Robots - a talk by prof. Horsch (TH Darmstadt)

Seminar: Cooperating and Collaborating Robots

Date: March 26, 2018 (MON), 14:00 Location: IB310

The seminar will comprise two topics: cooperating and collaborating robots. The first aspect covers robotic systems, where robots cooperate with other robots. The second will discuss cooperation of robots with human workers in a common working environment.

The seminar is structured in three parts: first, a very basic and short introduction in robotics is given introducing terms like the inverse kinematic problem and its analytical and numerical solutions. The concept of the Jacobian is introduced describing differential relationships.

The second part will formulate the cooperation problem as an optimization problem incooperating the socalled “generalized” jacobian. Some simulation results are presented.

The third part covers collaborative automation. The current state of the art is presented with several examples, which has been realized so far in industry. Finally an outlook is given, which aspects are relevant to develop this topic beyond the current (hype) level. 

Speaker: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Horsch, Computer Science Department, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany