Talent management

Our talent management program targets motivated BSc and MSc students who are interested in gaining a deeper insight into one of the fields of expertise at our department. Such students will be given the opportunities to join departmental research and development projects and to also try themselves as contributors at international conferences (depending on their achievements). Our talent management program is tutor-based. The tutor may also be the supervisor of project laboratory and thesis project and he or she is the potential PhD supervisor who advises along the way that can potentially lead to a doctoral degree.

The topic and the tutor can be selected or it is possible to announce the interest related to a wider research area. A list of topics with contacts is given below:

  • Automated software design (Balázs Goldschmidt)
  • Control systems using artificial intelligence and/or multiple agents (István Harmati)
  • Control of robots and vehicles (Bálint Kiss)
  • Game development, photorealistic and illustrative image synthesis (László Szécsi)
  • Positron emission tomography and physical simulation (László Szirmay-Kalos)
  • Visualization and medical image synthesis (Balázs Csébfalvi)
  • Computer geometry and 3D printing (Tamás Várady)
  • Virtual reality and non-conventional human-machine interfaces (Ferenc Vajda)
  • Contactless and mobile technologies (Balázs Benyó)
  • Medical imaging (Ákos Szlávecz)
  • Model based diagnosis and therapy design in the healthcare industry (Benyó Balázs)
  • Hardware synthesis methods (Péter Arató)