Nitech-BME graduate student mini-workshop

Nitech-BME International graduate student mini-workshop on robotics and control

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Date & Time: December 20, 2016, 10:00am - 12:15pm
Venue: Room B310, Building I, Dept. of Control Engineering and Information Technology Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

10:00 – Welcome address (Dr. Bálint Kiss)

10:05 – Presentation Session 1

10:05-10:20  Mr. Daichi Yamauchi (Nitech[1]). Robotic educational support tool of human knee joint movement
10:20-10:30  Mr. Sho Takei (Nitech). Contents of robotic educational support tool of human knee joint movement
10:30-10:40  Mr. Mengsu Wang (Nitech). Piston finger device for reducing spasticity of plagic fingers
10:40-10:50  Miss Muzuki Kitamura (Nitech). Rehabilitation support robot for self-standing-up training of hemiplegic stroke patients
10:50-11:00  Miss Hitomi Hattori (Nitech). Rehabilitation support system for recovery of upper limb motor function of hemiplegic stroke patients

Coffee break

11:20 – Presentation Session II

11:20-11:30   Miss Yayoi Tanaka (Nitech). Title to be determined
11:30-11:40   Mr. Tomoya Nakanishi (Nitech). Parallel Wire Type Teaching Device for Robot
11:40-11:50   Mr. Ryo Asami (Nitech). Interface system for rescue robot teleoperation
11:50-12:00  Mr. Massinissa Aouragh (BME[2]). Gripper design for a SCARA type robotic arm using 3D printing technology
12:00-12:10  Mr. Guo Jian and Mr. Bumbu Nicolae (BME). Design of an intelligent indoor lighting system.
12:10-12:20  Mr. Adrian Jonatan Vasquez Tapia (BME). Sway elimination using laser slot sensors.

12:20 – Closing remarks (Dr. Bálint Kiss)


[1] Nagoya Institue of Technology, Japan
[2] Budapest Univesrsity of Technology and Economics, Hungary