Project lab. & Thesis work 1 presentations (2023 Spring)

The Project Laboratory and Thesis Work 1 presentations occur on the 9th of June, (Friday) in room IB310. Students are expected to use slides. The time slots include 2-3 minutes for questions and discussions. A projector with a computer is available in the room. Please use ppt or pdf slides.

The schedule of presentations:
Name Title Start time
Rida Yanal Study of industrial motion control technologies: MELFA inverters 9:00
Amsavalli Yogeswaran Development of Lidar-based navigation functions
Prangon Rashid Ashaf tbd 9:30
Bocka Bálint Possible solutions for crowdsourced image-based data acquisition 9:45
Chhay Keokanitha User behaviour-based EV charging systems 10:00