WAIT 2017 workshop 31 January 2017 (IB310)

WAIT 2017 : Workshop on the Advances of Information Technology


Venue of the conference: BME Building I, IB310

Date of the conference: January 31, 2017


The Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology organizes an annual scientific conference in the broader field of Information Technology, including but not limited to Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Hardware Architectures, Robotics, Control Engineering, Medical Imaging, and Computer Vision to allow PhD students and researches to share their ideas and latest results. The conference language is English and Hungarian, that is, papers are expected in English, but presentations are in Hungarian. 


Software technology and system design (chairman: Katalin Balla)

09.00 - Endre Ferencz, Balázs Goldschmidt:  Classification of source code changes

09.20 - Miklós Taliga, Katalin Balla: BDD Integration Tests to Reach Quality Goals

09.40 - György Rácz, Péter Arató: Applying preliminary decomposition in system level synthesis

10.00 - Gergely Suba, Péter  Arató: A New Data-flow Graph Model Extended for Handling Loops and Mutable Data in High-level Synthesis

10.20 - Éva Geist, Imre Szeberényi: Role of QoS and SLA in ranking cloud services 


Machine Vision (chairman: Ferenc Vajda)

11.00 - Ágota Kacsó, László Szirmay-Kalos: Curve Fitting with Minimal Relative Error

11.20 - Gábor Péter, Bálint Kiss, and Gábor Kovács: Kalman filter based cooperative landmark localization for indoor mobile robots

11.40 - Márton Szemenyei, Ferenc Vajda: 3D Object Detection Using Vectorial Graph Node Embedding

12.00 - Ágota Kacsó and László Szécsi: Object Identification and Pose Estimation from Backlit Images using  Deep Neural Networks and Image Moments

Medical Imaging (chairman: Balázs Csébfalvi)

12.40 - László Szirmay-Kalos, Ágota Kacsó:  Direct Parametric Reconstruction for Dynamic PET with Floating Frames

13.00 - Zsófia Barna, Ákos Szlávecz, Gábor Hesz, and Balázs Benyó: A 4D Dynamic SPECT Reconstruction Algorithm

13.20 - Gergely Rácz, Balázs Csébfalvi: Designing Interpolation Filters for Isotropic Tomographic Reconstruction

13.40 - Tamás Umenhoffer: A customizable aortic root and left ventricle model  

Computer graphics (chairman: Tamás Várady)

14.20 - Milán Magdics, László Szirmay-Kalos: Single Scattering in Inhomogeneous Participating Media

14.40 - Péter Salvi, István Kovács, and Tamás Várady: Computationally efficient transfinite patches with fullness control

15.00 - István Kovács, Tamás Várady and Kitti Varga: A new set of base functions for parametric curve and surface design

15.20 - Márton József: Tóth Progresses in a Fluid Mechanics Simulation Engine on the GPU  

Control engineering and robotics (chairman: Balázs Kiss)

16.00 - Tibor Vajsz, László Számel: Nonlinear variable gain position control for permanent magnet synchronous  motor servo-and robot drives

16.20 - Emese Gincsainé Szádeczky-Kardoss: Motion planning for car-like robots in dynamic environment

16.40 - Balázs Benyó et al.: Noise Characteristics of the Stochastic ICING Model

17.00 - György Max, Béla Lantos: Neural-Network Based Nonlinear Adaptive Formation Control of  Autonomous Ground vehicles

17.20 - Na Wang, Bálint Kiss: A robustness study of control loops involving nonlinear inversion