Final exam schedule (June 2021)

Dear Colleagues,

You receive this email because you are a candidate for oral final exam (OFE) at the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology in the 2nd Semester of 2020-21. Please pay attention to the following information:
  • The OFE is scheduled between June 15th and June 25th. Please check continuously the web site of the department ( for the exact schedule until the day before your oral exam as we may need to modify the schedule during the organization.
  • The OFE is organized remotely in default case in teams. (if you wish to take OFE in your presence, you have to apply for it. (Only) In this case, please let us know your intention)
  • For your OFE in teams:
    1. Please sign up for the teams group with this link: Join the group (MS Teams)
    2. Please be available at least an hour before your scheduled OFE. The OFE Committee will call you.
    3. On your OFE in teams:
      1. You can make your presentation in 10 minutes and you may be asked about your work in 5 minutes.
      2. The oral exams will be carrieds out also in teams. It is useful if you have some programs (e.g Word, Paint etc., handwriting with your camera) to illustrate your talk.
      3. The OFE Committee ask you to leave the meeting while they evaluate your result. You will be called back then, and your results will be announced officially.
      (In case of OFE in person, everything above will be carried out in person, as well)
Good luck!
István Harmati (