Gas Supply Security in Europe

Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Önálló laboratórium - Szoftverfejlesztés és rendszertervezés specializáció, BSc Info.
Önálló laboratórium (BMEVIIIA377)
Hallgatói létszám:
Szakdolgozat / Diplomaterv
Natural gas is a very versatile energy source with extensive industrial and domestic
uses. The demand for gas on the European market is satisfied mainly by a few producers who
transport the gas via a pipeline network with limited capacities. The countries aim to diversify
their gas sources in order to spread the risk of the abruption of gas flow through pipelines.
Expanding the existing system would require lots of money and political effort, and therefore,
analyzing the supply security of the network is a crucial part in any strategic decision. The
point of this project is to assess the vulnerability of the European countries toward losing gas
sources using a linear programming model. The main interest is what the effects are of a
pipeline dropping out of the network, which may be due to political or economic reasons and,
unfortunately, natural disasters and terrorism.