Programming 3

Course coordinator:
Goldschmidt Balázs
Degree program:
IT engineering
Study cycle:
Semester in curriculum:
Core engineering subject

Lecturers: Dr. Balázs Goldschmidt, Dr. Balázs Simon
Lectures: Tuesday 12-14, IL408
Laboratory: Thursday 12-14, IL408

COVID-19 news

last update: 2020-11-23 11:12
The rules below in red have precedence over text in black.

Lectures and laboratories to be held online.

Lecture slides are available for all. During lecture time, live online lecture is provided via Teams. Please be prepared with questions.

Laboratory tasks are to be solved by the end of the repsective Thursday (23.:59) and the resulting source code uploaded into teams. At least 6 of the 10 assignments need to be solved correctly.
During laboratory time online consultation is provided via Teams. At other times teachers try to answer questions as fast as possible.
Laboratory attendance is not mandatory.

Homework is due to be uploaded into teams by the end of Tuesday on week 14 (Dec. 8th, 23:59 CET). On the 14th week at laboratory selected students will have to prove online that the homework is there own product. Questions will be asked about it and small code modifications can be expected.

The final mark is based on the homework only. The proper grading will be decided later.
Midterm tests are scrubbed this semester.

Access rights

In order to access the materials on the page, please login.

Attendance and tests

Attendance is mandatory for laboratories. The lecturer may check the preparation of the students. Preparation must be acceptable in at least 7 times.

During semester 6 midterm tests are written. The best 4 of them counts in the final mark. Missed tests count as 0.

Attendance and test results can be followed in the jporta system.

Home work assignments

During the semester a home work project is assigned to each student. Assignment is on the 6th week. On the 8th week a detailed plan for the application has to be presented. On the laboratory of the 13th week the final application must be presented. Repeated presenation is on the 14th week laboratory.

Details about the homework assignment can be found here.

Final mark

The final mark is counted from the best 4 midterm tests. Final mark is only given, if the preparedness was good on 7 occasions, the home work was accepted, and the average of the best 4 tests is at least 2.0.

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