Software engineering

Course coordinator:
Goldschmidt Balázs
Degree program:
IT engineering
Study cycle:
Semester in curriculum:
Core engineering subject

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Lecturers: Dr. Katalin Balla, Dr. Balázs Simon

Subject info: BMEVIIIAB01

Location and time: Wednesdays, 10:15-13:00, IB026


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1 September 8 Introduction. UML: Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Component Diagram, Deployment Diagram, Class Diagram About,
2 September 15 Holiday
3 September 22 UML: Class Diagram, Package Diagram, Object Diagram, Sequence Diagram UML2,
4 September 29 UML: Sequence Diagram, Communication Diagram, Interaction Overview Diagram, State Machine Diagram UML3,
5 October 6 UML: State Machine Diagram, Timing Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram, Profile Diagram; Beyond UML: MOF, XMI, OCL. OO design principles. UML4,
OO design
6 October 13 Practice: Homework example, Homework consultation, UML exercises for the exam Guidelines,
Homework example,
UML Exam Practice
7 October 20 About software and software engineering. Actual trends and problems. Processes and their modelling. Introduction 
8 October 27 Popular life cycle models. Traditional and agile approaches to software engineering.
Process improvement models. Elements, goals and practices. Process groups.
Lifecycle, Agile 
9 November 3 Requirements. Elicitation, analysis, definition, documenting. Managing requirements changes.
Design. Translating user requirements to product requirements.
10 November 10 Testing. Basic concepts, test types, testing process, test documentation.

11 November 17 Testing techniques. Traditional and agile testing.
Testing Techniques
12 November 24 Managerial aspects of software projects. Estimating, planning, monitoring and control. Risk management. Management
13 December 1 Supporting processes: configuration management, version control, change management.
Supporting processes: quality assurance, quality management, measurement.
Supporting processes 
14 December 8 Consultation: on demand


The homework assignment can be downloaded from here: homework. The solution for the homework must be submitted in the jporta system. The deadline for the submission is November 8, 2021, 23:59.

The replacement homework assignment can be downloaded from here: replacement homework. The solution for the replacement homework must be submitted in the jporta system. The deadline for the submission is December 13, 2021, 23:59.

Guidelines for the homework: Guidelines

The homework submission must include the documentation in PDF format and the UML model in electronic format. The model must be designed in WhiteStarUML, but the sequence diagrams may be drawn in Web Sequence Diagrams instead of in WhiteStarUML. However, the sequence diagrams must conform to the class diagram drawn in WhiteStarUML.

Warning! The dependencies, associations and compositions on the class diagram must be drawn using the appropriate notation, using attributes only is not enough! If the sequence diagrams are designed in WhiteStarUML they have to appear on separate tabs. If the sequence diagrams are drawn on a common tab, the solution will not be accepted! The documentation and the model must contain the exact same diagrams!

A single ZIP file must be uploaded in the jporta system which contains the following:

  • Documentation according to the template in PDF format.
  • The model (use-case + class + sequence + state machine diagrams) designed in WhiteStarUML using the file format of WhiteStarUML, as a single file with UML extension.
  • In case the sequence diagrams were made in Web Sequence Diagrams, then the textual sources of these sequences as separate TXT files.

The results of the homework can be viewed in the jporta system under the "Assessments" tab (not next to the uploaded file!).

Similar tasks with solutions:

We expect a similarly detailed solution for the homework. The solution must be thought through thoroughly, the diagrams must be consistent with each other, and the solution should strive to keep the object-oriented design principles.

Additional sources for practicing:

In case the homework is not accepted, a new homework with a new task can be submitted on the replacement week.

Exercise book

Exercises for practicing can be found here:

Please, notify the lecturers in case you find a mistake in the exercise book! Thank you!

The exercise book contains tasks also from the previous version of the subject. However, the exam will contain tasks only from the material of the current semester.