Service-oriented system integration

Course coordinator:
Simon Balázs
Degree program:
IT engineering
Study cycle:
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Major specialization

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Lecturer: Balazs Simon

Subject info: BMEVIIIMA04

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  1. Principles of SOA
  2. Web services, SOAP, WSDL
  3. JSON, HTTP protocol, REST protocol, REST principles, criticism of REST, CRUD and RPC using REST
  4. WebSocket technology, WebSocket protocol, WebSocket events
  5. Microservices, Docker
  6. NodeJS, most important modules
  7. Protocol Buffers, HTTP/2
  8. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), ESB properties, parts of an ESB
  9. Message Queueing (MQ), properties of MQ systems, messaging models
  10. Service Component Architecture (SCA), SCA concepts
  11. ESB environment: business processes, human tasks, business rules, event processing, service repository
  12. Comparison of BPMN and BPEL
  13. Guidelines for designing, developing and testing services