WAIT 2021: Workshop on the Advances of Information Technology

Date of the workshop: January 28 (Thursday), 2021

Due to the current COVID19 situation, the workshop is organized on-line using Microsoft Teams: Click here to join the meeting


Deep learning and AI (chairman: István Harmati)

Gábor Pásztor and Márton Szemenyei:

Application of Reinforcement Learning in a Multiplayer Role-playing Game


Márton Szemenyei and Patrik Reizinger:

Scene Reconstruction from Partial Observations via Self-Supervised Learning


Viktóra Burkus, Attila Kárpáti and László Szécsi:

Foliage Rendering with Image-to-Image Translation


Georgina Bársony, Ákos Szlávecz and Gergely Márton:

An Android based software environment for measuring brain waves


János Szőts and István Harmati:

Pursuit of a Superior Evader Using the Optimal Solution of Subgames


Viktóra Burkus, Attila Kárpáti and László Szécsi:

Texture Synthesis with Controllable Directionality using Generative Networks



Computational Geometry (chairman: Tamás Várady)

Péter Salvi:

Editing the interior of arbitrary surfaces using C-infinity displacement blends


László Szirmay-Kalos and Milán Magdics:

Euclidean to non-Euclidean Transformation of Games


Ágoston Sipos and Peter Salvi:

Creating good quality meshes from smooth implicit surfaces


Janka Gálai:

Deformation of 3D objects using geometric constraints


Sándor Bazsó, Árpád Viola and Balázs István Benyó:

Customizable geometrical model of the vertebral body to describe all the segments of the spinal column



Imaging and reconstruction (chairman: Balázs Benyó)

Dóra Varnyú and Laszlo Szirmay-Kalos:

Determination of the Blood Input Function for Dynamic Emission Tomography with Deep Learning


Gábor Knyihár and Kristóf Csorba:

Determination of the spatial arrangement of chemical components using clustering of Raman-spectra


Bálint Szabó, Ákos Szlávecz, Béla Paláncz, Geoffrey Chase and Balázs Benyó:

In-silico Simulation Based Evaluation of Insulin Prediction Method for Personalized Medical Treatment


Yahia Anane, Balazs Benyó and J. Geoffrey Chase:

Insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels analysis of Hungarian Patients in their early phase of ICU treatment under model-based glycemic control



Autonomous systems (chairman: László Vajta)

László Szirmay-Kalos:

De-Raining and De-Snowing


Zoltán Gyenes and Emese Gincsainé Szádeczky-Kardoss:

Particle filter based obstacle’s position estimation using Lidar measurement data


Mátyás Lévay and Emese Gincsainé Szádeczky-Kardoss:

Autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance of mobile robots


Eszter Virágh and Bálint Kiss:

Extended observer-based velocity estimation for an overhead crane



Control systems and robotics (chairman: Bálint Kiss)

Donát Dékány and László Vajta:

Shifting Towards the Highly Distributed Energy Ecosystem


Shahab Sabzi and Vajta László:

Effects of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Electricity Grid: Challenges and Possible Solutions


Salma Taik and Bálint Kiss:

Analysis of Electricity Demand Profiles in Residential Area Using K-means Clustering


Barnabás Finta and Bálint Kiss:

A novel method for the robust control of nonlinear, exact linearized systems using a robust two-degrees-of-freedom controller


Jela Abasová, Štefan Rydzi, Barbora Zahradníková and Pavol Tanuška:

Classification models for purpose of predictive maintenance in a production process


The Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology organizes an annual scientific workshop in the broader field of Information Technology, including but not limited to Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Hardware Architectures, Robotics, Embedded Control Engineering, Medical Imaging, and Computer Vision to allow PhD students and researches to share their ideas and latest results. The conference language is English and Hungarian, that is, papers are expected in English, but presentations may be in Hungarian.

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