Dr. Csébfalvi Balázs

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PhD students:
Rácz Gergely Ferenc
Simon Zoltán
Associate professor
Computer graphics
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Selected publications:
  • Balázs Csébfalvi: Beyond Trilinear Interpolation: Higher Quality for Free, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS 38:(4) pp. 1-8. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2019.
  • Erik Agrell, Balázs Csébfalvi: Multidimensional Sampling of Isotropically Bandlimited Signals, IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS (SPL) 25: (3) pp. 383-387. 2018.
  • Gergely Ferenc Rácz, Balázs Csébfalvi: Cosine-Weighted B-Spline Interpolation on the Face-Centered Cubic Lattice, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM 37: (3) pp. 503-511. Proceedings of EuroVis 2018.
  • Balázs Csébfalvi: Fast Catmull-Rom Spline Interpolation for High-Quality Texture Sampling, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM 37: (2) pp. 455-462. Proceedings of EUROGRAPHICS 2018.
  • Balázs Csébfalvi, Gergely Ferenc Rácz: Retailoring Box Splines to Lattices for Highly Isotropic Volume Representations, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM 35: (3) pp. 411-420. Proceedings of EuroVis 2016.
  • Viktor Vad, Balázs Csébfalvi, Peter Rautek, Eduard Gröller: Towards an Unbiased Comparison of CC, BCC, and FCC Lattices in Terms of Prealiasing, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM 33: (3) pp. 81-90. Proceedings of EuroVis 2014.
  • Balázs Csébfalvi: Cosine-Weighted B-Spline Interpolation: A Fast and High-Quality Reconstruction Scheme for the Body-Centered Cubic Lattice, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS (TVCG) 19: (9) pp. 1455-1466. 2013.
  • Balázs Csébfalvi: An Evaluation of Prefiltered B-Spline Reconstruction for Quasi-Interpolation on the Body-Centered Cubic Lattice, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS (TVCG) 16: (3) pp. 499-512. 2010.
  • Balázs Csébfalvi: An evaluation of prefiltered reconstruction schemes for volume rendering, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS (TVCG) 14: (2) pp. 289-301. 2008.
  • Balázs Csébfalvi, Lukas Mroz, Helwig Hauser, Andreas König, Eduard Gröller: Fast Visualization of Object Contours by Non-Photorealistic Volume Rendering, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM 20: (3) pp. 452-460. Proceedings of EUROGRAPHICS 2001.